Here are some of the many glowing testimonials that Richmond Academy has received over the years.


We would like to say that [our daughter] has come a long way.  She can read better now and write in cursive and is much happier.  A smaller class has really helped her and the Christian atmosphere has changed her.  Thank you so much for helping our daughter.

Don and Penny M.

With today’s deteriorating society and the agendas being pushed at the public schools, I want my children in a school where they are exposed to the Truth of the Bible, not the truth according to man. Where they learn the moral values of Christ and God, and not he morals of the NEA or the relativistic truth of today’s society. Where they will be pushed to excel and not pushed to the next grade just to move them on. Where they are taught to respect their teachers and not where the teachers are the enemy. That is why I think that a Christian education is important for my children and why I have them enrolled in Richmond Academy.

Terry W.

Making this choice for our son has truly been one of the best decisions we have made and strongly encourage other Christian parents to consider Richmond Academy as an affordable option for their children’s education and Christian upbringing.

Cindy M.

God’s Word is taught daily, not just in Bible class, but also in their literature, history, and science classes.  What more could a parent want?

Lynne O.
I have gone to this school since I was in 7th grade. I am now a junior in highschool, and I like it alot! There’s not many kids in the school, but thats what makes the school what it is. The teachers are all awesome, and the atmosphere is very calm and peaceful, unlike any other school that I’ve been too. I would pick this school over any school in Richmond. I think that every parent should look into sending their kids to a private school. Richmond Academy is the best kept secret in Richmond. Top Notch. Safe and peaceful. Students love being there.
Richmond Academy Student

I am very pleased with our experience at Richmond Academy. [Our daughter] has had some bad experiences in her early years of school and was nervous about returning to the “classroom.” She came home within the first week in love with her classes and teachers! It has only continued to grow as she has been allowed to grow and be herself while searching her way with God. Thank you for following God’s call.

Mellissa S.

Richmond Academy truly is a blessing from the Lord for our family.  Our children deserve an education based on good morals and godly values.  But today’s definition of a school is based on the world and what would satisfy the majority.  Richmond Academy has shown our family that not only a good education is provided but also building shepherds to stand for God’s world.

Gina M.

Thought you should know [my daughter] was accepted into Ball State’s Honors College as an English Education major.  Since she attended R.A. for two years, you are part of the reason!!

Lynne O.

It is such a blessing to feel my children are safe, and the assurance that they are not being taught something against our beliefs. All of the staff is so polite and always more than willing to help. My children have been pretty sheltered and they feel so comfortable and dearly love their teacher. It has been a definite answer to prayer.

Janet C.

The first time [my son] came home and told me his memory verse, it brought tears to my eyes.  It is great that my son can get an education and also learn more about the Lord at the same time.  I find myself learning with him.  Thank you for providing a place that not only  teaches but shows God’s love in it all.

Crystal F.

Richmond Academy is a safe environment for my child. He is nurtured not only academically but also spirit, soul and body. I am thankful for the school, it’s programs, volunteers, leaders and teachers!

Richmond Academy Parent

We believe RA was a blessing from above. We were looking for a new school. [Our son’s] old school closed. Sure enough, one day we picked up the newspaper and there it was: Answer to prayer! Each person has a different set of needs. We feel that RA is helping us meet the needs of our child. We pray for and hope to help support each and everyone at Richmond Academy. Thank you.

Marcella R.

It is very comforting to know my children are not going through the things I’ve heard from public school. There will never be a teaching that will cause confusion or doubt of God: Who He is or what He can do. I praise God that when we needed prayer you were there and when we needed help you were there.

Janet C.

Both my children have been raised in Richmond Academy. And we see the fruit of a Christian education in their lives. We are so thankful for everyone who has been a part of our school!

Larry P.

Richmond Academy is a wonderful Christian learning environment for my daughters. Not only are they learning from and being challenged by the curriculum, they are being taught truth through God’s word. I pray that Richmond Academy continues to grow so that my daughters are given a strong Christian education through all 12 years of their schooling.

Carol L.