“Making achievers over-achievers. Making over-achievers exceptional.”
Dear Parent,

Welcome to Richmond Academy! I would like to take this opportunity to share what makes Richmond Academy different from other schools and what your child gains by being a part of our program.

First of all, what makes us different? Richmond Academy’s specialty training is in Biblical truth. ¬†We use A Beka curriculum which incorporates biblical truth in every core subject. Students participate in daily Bible classes, weekly chapels and a spiritual life week during the year. We do not just prepare our students for college, but we prepare them for all of the challenges of life. It is important to us that we raise up students to be leaders in the local church. Our students are not satisfied with just attending a service, but they enjoy being involved with increasing the Kingdom of God. We believe that our program increases the chance for our students to continue in their relationship with God after high school according to Proverbs 22:6. Another very big difference in our school is Christian love. Students are not a number, but a person. Christian teachers and administrators teach and lead by love. By example, our students learn the tremendous blessing that comes by living a life of love.
Secondly, what can your child gain by being a part of our program? Some Christian families believe that their child can be salt and light to the lost in public schools. Unfortunately, most children and teens do not have the tools necessary to be effective salt and light. They simply have not received enough training in their short lives. They are continuously bombarded with bullying, sexual harassment, and partying temptations. The most joyous Christian child can quickly become depressed and oppressed in this type of environment. Often times, parents worry about their children’s influences. Richmond Academy offers peace of mind. Jesus Christ gave His disciples 16,000 hours of training before His ascension. Christian education offers 16,000 hours of training between the grades of kindergarten and twelfth grade. How would our communities change if every family gave their children 16,000 hours of Christian training like the disciples had? Salt and light would be transforming and increasing the church!
I invite you to browse this web site and visit our school. Should you have any questions, our friendly staff would be happy to help. I challenge you to give us one year and see the difference Richmond Academy can make in your family.
In Christ,
Jenny Penrod,
P.S. Our vision is that God would make every provision for every family desiring a private Christian education, and that God would provide to home school families academic assistance. Richmond Academy is not affiliated with any church, but is independent and community supported.